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Mastering the Phoenix AZ/Tucson AZ/Northwest Accent

-: hard on the "s" with ending constants dropped.
west seattle: pronounced: wess seattle
canned fish: pronounced: cann fish
last week: pronounced: lass week
redmond washington: pronounced: redmin washington
northwest: pronounced: northwess
-: "im supposed to go running" would be said "i'm suppose to go runnin"
-: "he likes to drive fast" is said, "he likes tuh drifast"
-: the "v" sound, can at times sound like "f"
-: "of" in between two words sounds like "uh"
can of fish: pronounced: can uh fish
first of the month: pronounced: first-uh the month
-: adding "s" and "making "d" sound like "t".
-: nordstrom - pronounced: nortstroms
-: fred meyer - pronounced: fred myers
-: "caught" and "cot" sound identically alike

So I’m making fun little geeky pins out of foam this weekend. If anyone is interest this and a couple others by the end of the day will be up for sell for $2. If you are out of the US please send me a message because I have no idea what the shipping would be and I don’t want to misinform you.
my etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/120955437/riddler-tie-pin






I reblog this every time I see it. Still amazed.

Hahahah so CRAY


I remember when my best friend and I would spend the night at each others houses every single damn weekend, weeaboo about stuffs, and watch Animu until the sun shone. 

I miss it. 

We’ve known each other since 4th grade. She’s more like a sister than anything else. <3

Baww I didn’t realize you posted this. Those days were soooo much fun. So much anime, fanfiction, and anime music videos. Freaking out when Dave would appear at my door while reading fanfiction will forever be amusing.

Sisters forever and ever! I miss you already Kelly. T.T Why did you have to go to school darn you. Become famous already so you can come back here.

So they are now deciding to get a Plummer. *rolls eyes* What gave you that idea? I have a feeling I won&#8217;t make it into work today. So much for having my day off with Nick tomorrow.
Yay for neighbor&#8217;s broken pipes. I woke up to our floor completely flooded. This is me trying to keep it under control. We NEED more real towels because the paper towels are going fast. T.T

So yap, that is my current life update.

PoisonedJustice: OOC: Kelly


Hey guys, it’s Kelly AKA Ivy!

I’m going to be frank with you, I will try as hard as I can to get back to you all and continue with our RPs. But at this moment, animation school has started back up and best of all… I have Troy Gustafson for an animation teacher this quarter which of course means…

… He has my last name. XD Sorry I always get excited when that happens. Once I’m done moving I’ll be able to officially get back into this Tumblr business. Hope all is well for you and good luck. :D